Providing exceptional service and personal care is our priority. This is a critical element for the on-going up-keep of your property and your household. Leone Homes provides unique services for construction and estate management.


Our proper coordination of scheduled services ensures the timely and efficient execution of scheduled tasks. Leone Homes strives to take care of inconvenient and intrusive maintenance activities, which allows you to receive household deliveries even in your absence with surety. Leone Homes will coordinate deliveries and service visits directly with vendors and service providers, such as: furniture & appliance deliveries, utilities maintenance and inspections.


From estate home building to estate management, our services accommodate your needs.


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Estate Home Building

Leone Homes has been a trusted name in the construction and estate management business throughout Long Island’s Gold Coast for over four decades. Frank Leone has built and maintained some of the communities’ finest estates, and has built his reputation by earning the trust of homeowners within Long Island’s Gold Coast community.


Our Custom Building services include:
  • Luxury Estate Home Building
  • Complete renovation and restorations
  • Individual Site Manager assigned to each home to oversee entire project from concept through completion
  • Superior Quality Craftsmanship
  • Top-of-the-line products used
  • Customer satisfaction guaranteed

Seasonal Care

Keeping your home's accessories in step, and up-to-date with seasonal changes is a subtle yet distinguishing attribute of the tastefully maintained estate. Leone Homes makes seasonal transitions seamless and as natural as the change of seasons.


Estate Home Winterization & Snow Removal

  • Complete home winterization during winter months preventing future costly repairs
  • Bi weekly inspections of boilers, heating systems, gutters & leaders
  • Cleaning gutters and leaders of ice
  • Removal of snow from flat surfaces, i.e. flat roofs
  • Checking vulnerable areas prone to damage by snow and ice

Our Snow Removal Program:

Removing snow is more than simply plowing a driveway on a winter evening. Larger homes and flat roofs have larger surface areas where heavy snow can accumulate to crushing weights and cause damage, flooding or collapse to estate structures. Driveways and landscaped areas are discretely marked in advance to prevent removal equipment from damaging shrubbery, masonry and stonework.


Our crews are mobilized during snow and ice storms to prevent heavy accumulations either on the ground (in heavy traffic areas) or on your home's structures. All structural conduits are cleared to ensure proper drainage away from your home.


Pool Care

Leone Homes knows the importance of carefree access to your pool; it's accessories and the poolside environment. As with all our maintenance programs, pool care is comprehensive including: regular cleaning & chemical applications, structural and mechanical maintenance and winterization.


Landscaping is perhaps one of the most important elements of a distinctive estate. It is an important aesthetic element and most visible aspect of an estate. Landscape design provides privacy, enhances value, and often has functional values in creating environmental amenities such as lighting, native wildlife support and protections against natural elements.


Landscape design should compliment and enhance the estate's structures and conform to the natural surroundings. Leone Homes understands this natural balance inherent in creating, maintaining and enhancing the natural environment of a distinctive North Shore Estate.


Seasonal maintenance of irrigation systems ensures proper operation during watering months and system integrity during winter months.


Painting is an essential and often overlooked element in preserving the look and longevity of your home. Both the interior and exterior of every home has a diverse and unique aging cycle as a result of traffic, wear and exposure to the elements. Our routine maintenance and inspection programs ensure the consistency and longevity of painted surfaces, avoiding major costly and inconvenient painting projects.





Claims can be a complicated, time-consuming and often a confusing task, especially in a time of crisis. Leone Homes' expert staff will handle damage assessments and compose a professionally drafted insurance claim that assures its clients will receive the maximum benefits under their current policy. Leone Homes Management also assists their clients in optimizing their insurance policies for maximum benefit and lower costs through the Leone Homes Asset Assessment Program™.


Contract Negotiations

Because Leone Homes is the leading provider of estate services on the North Shore, we negotiate the most ideal service and maintenance contracts for our clients using a highly evolved system of evaluation, including: quality of workmanship, timeliness, overall cost, financial stability of the service provider and individual references.

You will be assured that when Leone Homes handles your contract negotiations, your work will be the highest quality—using the highest quality materials for the cost, it will be performed in a professional and timely manner, consistent with industry standards. Here at Leone Homes, we stand behind each and every project 100%.


Foreseeing problems in advance ensures the safety and continued enjoyment of your property. Leone Homes and their service providers are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. Our vast network of service providers ensures immediate response to any emergency with the appropriate expertise.


Our team of experts is skilled in preventative maintenance practices and trained to anticipate unforeseen events before they happen.



As part of our routine inspections, we ensure the integrity of estate security systems and provide an extra measure of assurance through periodic scheduled and unscheduled visits to your property during your absence.

In addition, we provide "first responder" services for our clients for fire and intrusion alarms day and night.